Trip to Château de Goulaine

We have couple of news that we want to share with you. 

First, our band has a new member, Julien Loisel. Primarily he takes the guitarist role but he also composes music and plays various other instruments: drums, guitar, piano and the clarinet.

The second big happening for us is that we started to plan out our first video clip. As you can imagine the excitement is in the sky spiced up with a lot of work and time to time a certain degree of stress, but we keep the good vibe and remain loyal to our name, we are Still Optimist. 

The preparation process started: storyboarding, budgeting, scheduling, design and creation of costumes. We made our first visit to the location where the clip shooting will taking place.

There are still questions in terms of other locations or rather say, scenes in the clip, but we are working out all the details step by step.

If you want to check out 360 images and more pictures about the location and our visit, check out our Facebook page.

More to come, until then remain Still Optimist.

Peace and Potato


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