The Velvet Season - Day one

Filming of the video clip

We filmed our first video clip. It is a really big deal for us! We have been working on the preparation since April and finally we made it through!

Our first location was in Lviv, Ukraine. We spent here the next two days to record multiple scenes.

The day started the earliest for Bina; getting the make-up and the hair done.

In the mean time we went to the Location and started to set up the equipments and lights. We had a huge help from Andre, who was responsible for the light setup. He was our Gaffer, Grip and Electrician. We are very grateful for him for the help and support he gave us! Our small crew had additional two members, Dima, camera man and Inna, backstage photographer and creative assistant, from Deep Sky films.

Andre, the Gaffer

Essentially the first day was about a particular scene, the Stair Scene and for that we had the perfect location. We got completely mesmerized during the first visit, and after again and again. This building is simply beautiful! On our Facebook page we will share 360 photos; recommended!

Ready for the next day, little skin care


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