Who are we?


'Still Optimist' – electronic music duo formed in London in 2017.

The band members are:

Bina Timurova – singer, songwriter, composer. Producer of «Velvet Season» album. 

Mihaly Sipos – sound designer, synthesisers and live setup programmer. Visual artist.



What do we stand for ?


Self-development, Philosophy. Music for us is storytelling. We love to create unusual melodic structures, harmonies that support the intriguing lyrics. We don’t like to follow strict rules in songwriting – we love to experiment.


Artwork is important part of Still Optimist concept. We express ourselves not only through a sound, but direct the whole project from website to music videos and live visuals. We create an atmosphere, ambience using our skills and inspiration, so you can totally get involved in the universe that we create.


The Idea.


As a Still Optimist team, we wanted to prove, that collaboration on a distance can work. Composing online, sharing ideas (Paris-London) we could find a way to make it. Slow, dark melancholic electronic sounds and ambient guitar tunes transformed into a fully coherent album. Song by song we created «Velvet Season» that gathers influences from the movie “Only lovers left alive” from Jim Jarmusch.


The release of the first album “Velvet Season” was on May 25, 2018.  Since then we work on video content that supports our songs, to create a multi-layered, meaningful, yet entertaining audio-visual experience.



The topics we touch in our songs are quite hard – Life, Time and Death. But our message is – no matter what, each one of us is Still Optimist.



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