Still Optimist is electronic music/visual duo formed in Paris, in 2017. The band members are Bina Timurova (vocals, songwriting, composing, guitar, sound design), and Mihaly Sipos (keyboards, synthesisers, programming, live setup).
They are influenced by alternative and electronic music bands such as The Cure with its contradictory ambivalent of joy and sorrow. Massive Attack with their dark bass lines and atmospheric synth pads. Bjork and her multi-layered meaningful lyrics and the way she moves with her voice on an extreme scale. Tesla Boy with the whole 80`s synth pop vibe and tunes. The Chemical Brothers for their outstanding soundscape and constant motion in sounds, and many more; Atoms for Peace, Him, Depeche Mode, Underworld, FSOL, and Archive.

Velvet Season also gathers influences from the movie,  Only lovers left alive from Jim Jarmusch. The slow, dark melancholy, the constant whispering presence of passion and crunchy guitar tunes somehow beautifully lifted, transformed into a fully coherent album.

The visuals and the design are also an important aspect of their production. They creative direct the whole project from website to music videos and live visuals.

The release of the first album “Velvet Season” was on May 25, 2018.  Since then they work on video content that supports their songs, to create a multi-layered, meaningful, yet entertaining audio-visual experience.



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